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Name:Jake Gavin
Birthdate:May 5
Location:Westchester, New York, United States of America


Jacob Gavin Jr., is also known as 'Courier' as a result of his long-standing employment with his family's company, Infonet. Jake is a molecular-level shapeshifter, able to control every cell in his body and effect changes as minor as altering his eye colour, or as major as changing his entire gender. Stuck in a woman's form after X2, Jake came to Xavier's for help, somehow ending up as co-student counsellor with Pete Wisdom. Having regained his control again, Jake returned to Infonet, only to be coerced by Remy LeBeau into becoming a resource for intel-type matters, and later for X-Force when he was fired from Infonet and had an arm "stolen" by unknown assailants, later identified as part of the mysterious New Son organisation. X-Force became a haven for him, but when the pressures of interpersonal relationships got too much, Jake did what he does best and ran. New Son is still out there, however, and Jake found he needed his friends yet again - after a brief return, he is now undercover in Europe, looking for evidence of the mysterious Red Skull and his group, HYDRA.

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