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Sometimes, like, say, now, I get the feeling I'm an unwitting participant in the writing of book six of the Harry Potter saga or something.

There are still cookies and tea in the kitchen, by the way, and I still have a couple of packets of cigs I have no idea who belongs to.

Kitty, Jubilee, do you want to go to the city today or do you want a rain check?
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and I have a pile of cigs before me. Sarah, Shinobi, Amanda, Manuel, Pete and, of course, Warren -- come get it whenever. I have more Marlboros than I ever wanted to buy, ever. You should have seen the face of the shop guy, though. That was fun.

And I got my gloves back.

Now, if only the telly wasn't obsessed with Valentines Day, everything would be peachy. I'd rather watch three hours of ski shooting from Obersthof, than three hours of sap, which seems to be my only option.

There has to be a channel on this thing which doesn't feature An Extra Special Valentines Special Of Our Sitcom/drama/fucking soap.

There must be.

And I will find it.


Feb. 14th, 2004 01:00 am
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Warren? Can I please have my gloves back?
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You all confuse me. It´s probably very obvious by now, so I thought I might as well say it.

Your goals in life seem to be either to kill or hide.

Some of you, I admit, some of you seem to want to go another way, but I don´t think you understand what you´re going for.

Do you want to make Salem safe for mutants? New York? The East coast? The US? America? The world?

If you´re lucky, it might merely take a ´grandfather´ to make it safe _here_.

If you´re lucky.

There is evil out there, children, and it´s never going to go away.

Not for anyone. Mutant or human.

Knowledge is power. It´s a cliche by now, but it´s true. I attended a few of Ms. Grey´s hearings in Washington, and she made more of a difference than any of you weilding a gun or a knife ever could.

You can all be extraordinary, why do you try so hard not to be?
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Or, have been watching West Wing reruns again.

I´m going through the security system plans for the upper levels, and my, is it a sad read. I´ve been to kindergardens with better security. So, yeah, I´ll be doing some alterations. Had a brief chat with Marko about it before the Super Bowl, and I think I talked him into helping me tear things down. Though I may just be misunderstanding his "build bigger walls" comment. Which reminds me, I´m going to need help from some of the fliers. Volunteers?

Contemplating posting an official statement on this, but I think I´ll wait a couple of days.

Now need to get some people transfered out of Research at the HQ. Mafia and Yakuza. You´d think they´d mention it, wouldn´t you?

So hard to get good employees these days.
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Back from my day trip to DC.


To my surprise, the mansion is still standing and noone appears to have been killed.

I intend to sleep until tomorrow now.

Well, once I´ve kicked Remy out of my bed, anyway. He just crashed. All curled up. Like a cat. Big cat. Hee. Greebo.

Does anyone have a black eyepatch?

God, I need sleep.

Don´t bother me until tomorrow.

Oh. Hey, does anyone know how Angelo´s doing?

And now I want my bed back.
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I should stop watching late night movies on tv, shouldn't I?

Anyway, got Francis to pick me up hideously early tomorrow and am going to spend the day in Washington. DC. Just need to check somethings out and pick some stuff up from the appartment. Will be taking my own car back.

Yeah, I do have one, I just hardly ever use it. It's red. Very red.

Uh. There's a couple of seats available if anyone should feel the urge to get up at five in the morning and come with...


Jan. 23rd, 2004 11:27 am
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I realise it might not be obvious, so I thought I´d mention it here. My job does include talking about things (like, say, professionals holding you hostage), not just your shedule. I´ll be in the library or my rooms most of the time if you need me.

I saw Emma´s little "no sleep for me" post, and I see the rest of you rushing around apparently knowing what you´re doing. I´m... redefining my opinion of what this place is.

I´m assuming someone is taking care of the little ones, because I´m terribly not qualified to deal, to tell the truth. But I could probably manage to be a reasonable listener to the older ones.

Also, dear lord, this security system is so much glorified junk, isn´t it?
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Maybe this week, I won´t be turned into any kind of amphibian!

Yeah, I can joke about it now.

Possibly because I´ve overheard dr. McCoy explaining a math problem. You´d be amazed how cheering that is.

In other news, M, need to talk to you about something, so please, stay on the ground today, eh?

Warren, what say you to clubbing Friday to celebrate your birthday? belated, I know, but we´re working men now, and I need to take care of somethings first. Anyway, look me up or drop me a line, yeah?


Jan. 13th, 2004 09:06 am
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Yesterday, I was a frog for five hours.

If no one ever mentions this again, I´d be very pleased.

And anyone else who does anything similar, I´m giving you over to Pete. By which I mean, you get to talk to Pete about furthering your education as well as all the other things. If you intend to have a higher education, you might want to think about that.

I´m not joking nor am I threatening.

You get to screw up as much as you please, but you don´t get to, say, use me for target practice because I happened to annoy you right then.

If anyone needs a clairfication, I´ve finally found Pete´s Black Pit of Despair and kicked his crap over to one end of the room. That took me two seconds. I don´t think Pete uses this office very much. I´ll be in the office until three, after that I have no plans. Will probably be eating icecream in the kitchen.

edited to add: If the smily faces didn´t frighten me, I´d change my mood icon thingy. okay, now I´m just sulking
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I think everybody now knows I´m one of the Guidance counsellors. Well, unless someone happened to skip first day of school, in which case, that someone will get a pleasant one on one chat with me.

I have read through all the guideline material Alison gave to me, and it seems like I may not be bored to tears. Traumaticed, I´m pretty much sure I will be, but not bored. This is good. I seriously do not understand people who complain about too little vacation time. Another week of this idle-ness, and I´d start stabbing my eyes out with a spork.

Other good note; making progress with my, er, little control issue. Not by much, but, yeah, getting there I think.

And now all the good notes are over with.

I have actual sessions planned. *bangshead* And because I´m an idiot, I decided to start with Pete´s British punk girl.

Yeah, ´cause starting easy is for wimps.

Pete says she´s a witch of some kind.

I know fuck all about that kind of thing (Real Politik and witchcraft? not really as connected as you´d think).

But! I did read all the Harry Potter books back in November... That´s British and magic-y, right? I could open with that, and then bring up classes, or something...

..And Warren wants to talk to me. About law school? Something. I have no idea why. But I guess law is a proper the Third sort of profession...


Jan. 10th, 2004 12:44 pm
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I thought it was merely an bad and surreal dream, but, but now the devil woman Alison tells me it wasn´t so.

I am, in fact...

No, it´s too terrible to mention.

I can´t do it.

Instead I shall tell you about the dangers of drinking. Yeah.

´cause what can happen, is; You´re kidnapped invited to come along with a beautiful celebrity as she pampers herself with hairdresser appointments and manicures and whatnot. And you go, of course, and you´re given tea and a pile of magazines as you watch her being pampered. Then you read Cosmopolitan. Then you start reading paragraphs out loud until the commentary by said celebrity and everyone else in the salon traumatices you for life, and you realise, yet again, that there are certain things that no man (even if he´s not exactly very man-like at the moment) should ever need to hear.

Then the celebrity, looking more fabulous than ever, invites you for dinner and drinks, and you think, "weee, free food! free alcohol! I´ve so earned this!" and then she keeps your wineglass filled and you relax and then you forget to use your incredible abilities and you get drunk.

And the next day you wake up, and for some reason the words "Yeah, sure, I can do that, no problem" are ringing in your brain, drowning out the marching band who´s taken up residence in your forehead.

This, naturally, puzzles you.

These are not omnious words, surely, and yet you are suddenly filled with dread. and horror. and you know that mount Doom is ahead of you.

You hide in your room the entire day, as flashes of conversations you refuse to believe are revealed to you.

Then the devil woman the celebrity knocks on your door, and hands you a sheet of paper while beaming like a maniac at you. Literally speaking.

And you realise that is it true.

You´re an idiot.


(I can´t believe I´m typing this)

you´re the next guidance counselor.

...I wonder how upset mr. Marko would be if I broke his storm window?


Jan. 5th, 2004 09:28 am
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Wow. Betsy can be really... Convincing when she wants to, can't she?

Am in Manhattan, again. This time I'm baby-sitting a teenager who keeps hitting on me. Never thought I'd say this, but I'm actually looking forwards to returning to the mansion.

Pete, you back yet? Any chance of that pub round you've been promising me? When I get back, of course.
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We got there in time to watch all of you prance about in suits and dresses, and in Shinobi's case, a absolutely hideous tie tied in a double Winsor. ...Emphasising the 'semi' of the formal, were you? *smirks*

New purple girl (Claris?), hey! Very nice blue colour on your dress. I think we matched. Though all of you looked beautiful, really. I'm sure not even Emma Grace herself could say otherwise.

And, Ange... *smirks more* Way to go, man. Did you find my, heh, gift in your room? Hope it'll be helpful. Paige, you looked wonderful, and not at all T-X-y. ;)

Now... Betsy, you got the package we were talking about? 'Cause I'm coming over to yours now, so you'd better. Otherwise we're going to have a pretty dull night.


Dec. 25th, 2003 02:00 pm
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Well. Yesterday was... eventful. *wry*

Today hasn't been. Unless you include the opening of presents, and Warren and Illyana competing on opening things first. I swear, they were done in five minutes.

I too got hanukka presents. I don't think I've gotten hanukka presents ever. I quite like the experience. Though Shinobi? Just you wait until I get back. My revenge will be terrible.

That being said, damn, man, it's gorgeous.

Warren got me the blue Gucci sweater I was drooling over, I got a black leather Louis Vuitton attache case from Emma (funny lady), Piotr got me a Christmas card, and, due to Paige, I now possess a tiny green plant named Daphne. I don't know why. Hopefully it survives on air alone, or someone needs to remind me to water her. ;)

Warren's parents inexplicably gave me a silk tie.

The hell?

Um. I gave Warren a framed version of a copy of Warrior Angel, Illyana got glitter in those little salt shaker things and Piotr got a copy of Bill Bryson's Neither Here Nor There.

From glancing through the journals, I think Thomas did get there in time? He had three boxes with him...
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I have decent clothes again!

All male, decent clothes, but definitely better than what I´ve been wearing. (No offence, Betsy, but the purple gets a bit... purple, after a while). Warren is a champion among men, even if he wouldn´t lend me that nice blue sweater.

This should at least tide me through the holidays in Manhattan.

Apparently, miss Emma Grace herself wants to take me shopping for female clothes.

I´ve accepted.

I hope this explains whatever piece of haute couteure I end up sporting.

Have spent the last couple of weeks reading more books than I usually do in a year. Raided the library and found Harry Potter which is definitely interesting, if not the most fantastic books I´ve ever read... Somebody at the mansion clearly has taste since I found ever single Discworld book as well. Been going through the Rincewind books. Delightful. Somebody else obviously has a sense of humor, seeing as Artemis Fowl is about a criminal genius of a boy who always wins somehow or another.

Read Baudolino which is fabulous. And I never want to see the word "topaz" again.

Reread Look to Windward. Huyler reminds me of Mr. Marko, now. Though Mr. Marko doesn´t look like a revived dead person.

And, yeah, that´s what I´ve been doing. Got to know the library really, really well.

Ranma 1/2

Dec. 6th, 2003 05:19 pm
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Anybody seen my Ranma 1/2 book? I think I left it in the rec room, and then somebody tidied it away or something.

I'm in the medlab to escape the invation of the reporters right now, if you happen to have it on you, if not I'll be wandering the halls aimlessly as usual.

On a completely different note; I helped put up storm windows! I'm so proud of me! (Okay, I didn't do much, but I was involved. I drove! With Bubbles and Mr. Marko in the car! ...God, when did I turn five years old?)
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Whatever Kitty might be telling you? I'm definitely not here to teach. Anything. At all.

In fact, I think I'm going to walk down the hall and offer my services as a storm window installer to the very tall man with a mission.

And, heh, after having a glance through this blog-thing... There's me, Betsy, a Worthington, various celebrities... Toss in the Waschawskis and a couple of Southerns and I'm nineteen and vacationing in the Hamptons again.
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To: Xavier, Charles
From: Gavin, Jake jr

Subject: je suis dans une certaine condition

And, guess what my excellent, if slow working, sources say?

That's right. You're to blame.

Professor Xavier, I realise this is an unorthodox way of contacting you, but you did leave me in a rather... unusual condition. I like women, but I don't like being one, all right?

I'll be on the doorsteps of your mansion(/school/terrorist training camp/what is this place?) some time Friday night.

If you can do your thing there and then, that would be most appreciated.

Jake Gavin jr

International Infonet inc
"We're paid to deliver, not question"
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